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[The mad giggling that fills the phonelines at first is overwhelming, taking the Major a moment to compose himself. When he speaks, he sounds content. Beyond content, almost wistful. There is just no denying that, beyond anything, the man is in a good mood.]

From the day man crawled out of the stew of primal creation and onto the land, there was one thing we brought with us. And that would be our will to survive. Alongside that we brought what had been the best weapon to assure this: aggression. Man, at its core, is an aggressive being! A warrior, making tools and weapons from the very rocks and metals of the Earth, scrounging and finding new ways to innovate so they might prosper. And in their innovation, finding new ways they might kill!

Really, ever since man discovered the wonder of fire, it was a given that he should envelope the entire world in flame!

Can you not see it? The beauty of what we just left? What we saw, that outstanding desolation....that is our destiny. Our greatest work of art, our testament to the universe! Don't you get the message?

The point is that, for a moment, life existed. And then, in a moment? Life was gone.

So then. How did everyone enjoy our trip?

[Action; Locked to 1667 Nelson]

[After his phone call, the Major will be bringing the mail in before making some breakfast. He goes through the mail and, seeing his name on one of the letters, opens it. And for a moment? Just stares at the contents.

It's a picture of Integra Hellsing, aiming a gun at him, and glowering. In his mind's eye, he remembers the scene quite vividly, though he can't imagine why the town would send him a picture of-

Hey, not family? What sounds like a gunshot has just rung out through the kitchen. If you go investigate, you'll find dad with his left eye shot out and slumping on the floor, bleeding. And chuckling to himself.

Well. Looks like you got him, huh town?]
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