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[Action 1]

[As dawn sweeps across the blasted remains of Mayfield, you may find a short, fat man dressed entirely in white swaying through the rubble. At first, it might look like he's swaying due to injury and might fall, but he keeps reasserting himself. After a few moments, it becomes obvious he isn't hurt. Isn't injured in the least. His movements are maimed swaying, but rather practiced. Focused, in their own mad way.

Orchestrated. It's as if he's moving like a conductor would move, directing an orchestra. If you get a closer look, you'll see a mad gleam in his eyes as the Major sways to music only he can hear.

And oh. It is so beautiful.]

[Action 2]

[The mad man has finished his orchestrating and is, at the moment, gracefully moving through the rubble. It's odd, to see someone so large move so easily through a burnt-out, destroyed environment. It's horrifying to see how utterly unbothered by it.

As he goes along, he isn't shy at all about checking the pockets of those drones who weren't entirely vaporized, and looting whatever they might have. He's also not shy about simply tossing the corpse away when he's done.

He'll also be making his way to where the homes would be of fellow Kingdom members, but he's taking his sweet ass time about it.]

[Action 3]

[Hey. Are you exploring town. Just trying to survive? Maybe find your loved ones?

Well you're going to love this shit. Get ready to feel something cold, and metal, and sharp pressing against the back of your neck. And a far too happy voice speaking.]

Good day friend! If you don't mind and have a minute to spare, there's something I'd like to talk to you about.
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