Sep. 11th, 2011

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A. Phone

My fellow citizens, it is my, ah, fine duty to inform all of you that the town has seen fit to make me a police officer in its service. I will, of course, due my best to serve and protect all of my peers in town.

[The utter amusement the Major feels while saying all of this is relatively clear in his voice. For those who don't know him, they might simply think the man is in a good mood. For those who do know him?

They probably realize the cruelty lying right underneath the words.]

For those who are new to the town, as it would appear to be that time of the month, welcome! As much of a cage as this town might be, there are still far worse cages yet, and the town has a tendency to....keep us entertained, I should say! As for myself, I am the Major. If you have any questions about the town, need any assistance, perhaps, please. Feel free to ask. It's my duty, after all, to assist.

[Even more amusement, then, that time he says duty.]

B. Around Town

[If you're walking around today, you'll find the Major in uniform. No, not his usual Nazi regalia, but the actual police uniform he's chosen to wear. He hardly has any intention of wearing the damn thing all the time. But by God, he's hoping it's driving in the point and pissing off the people who do know him.

Every now and again, he'll be coming up to a person. Perhaps you. And speaking.]

Good afternoon. Is all well, I hope?

[It's entertaining, he has to admit, when he does it to the drones since they so automatically know how defer respect to him. Really, he just wants to see how others react.

And if he knows you? You can bet your ass he's coming and doing this to you.]


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