Oct. 10th, 2011

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Ah, Halloween. A holiday held in high regard by the young and the young in heart alike! I can't help but approve of a holiday such as it, if both for the message of it and the history behind it. Certainly, certainly it's a day that knows what a celebration should be about.

That being said, it is of course my duty as an officer to make sure people are aware of the dangers the holiday possesses! Everyone has certainly heard the tales of people who, being cowards and incapable of actual interesting conflict, have taken to poisoning children with the sweets they hand out. [Even if he doesn't paint the act in a kind light, it's hard not to hear the amusement in the Major's voice at the notion of poisoning kids with candy.] Thus, I must encourage those of you who have children to, of course, check whatever they might bring home.

Of course, I myself will be on patrol that night, so I would heavily discourage any attempts at mischief or mayhem.

[Oh God, please let things go nuts that night. He would adore it.]

And I think it would be important to note by this time that I will be at the Homecoming Dance as well, to ensure everything goes smoothly and safely. No need to thank me, I'm simply doing my job!

Action - Police Station

[What's up fellow men in blue? You'll notice that there's a few large trays of assorted Halloween themed cookies that the Major bought from the bakery. Along with it are two jack-o'-lanterns, one with a bat carved into it and the other with a spider, that the Major has put at the far ends of the station.

As for the man himself, he's currently busy inspecting the jail cells far in the back. He knocks on the bars and inspects the floors, trying to figure out the integrity of the entire thing. And he does this methodically, going to each cell and repeating the process.]

Action - 1667 Nelson

[The Major can be found carving out some jack-o'-lanterns on the front doorstep. He needs something to do as a small aside from his other plans, and well, this is good enough! He currently has a couple of jack-o'-lanterns laid out near the front of the door, each with a different animal such as a bat or spider or wolf or cat carved on the front instead of a face, although the one he's current working on appears to be getting a face.

As he works, he sings a song in his mother tongue, occasionally inspecting the lantern he's working on to make sure it's coming along well.]


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