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[The Major hadn't been expecting to get much from the event. To be quite fair, he didn't care if he won or not; the conflict itself is what was important. So he was surprised, somewhat to see he'd even gotten a regain. Which didn't stop him from opening it.

What awaited him was a picture of a skeleton looking figure constructed entirely of steel. And, in a moment, he found himself on his knees, buckling from pain as he felt every single bit of the cybernetic skeleton placed back into his body, all over again.

And he was just getting used to having a human body again too.]

Action; Outside 1667 Nelson Street

[Those passing the area can find the German kneeling against his mailbox, shaking from pain. And laughter. And his laughter, while still as cruel, sounds a bit...madder, at the moment too.

Approach him.]


Let us have a quick discussion, my friends. I will pose a question, and we will see what answers might come.

The question is this: what makes a human....a human? Is it merely an issue of physiology, or is there something more. I myself? Would wager the latter.

Ah, and to all of those who are beginning to trickle into our town at the moment: a warm welcome to Mayfield! If you're wondering and haven't been informed, no, there is no way out that has been found. If you're wondering about where your possessions and personal effects and powers have gone, don't worry, they'll be returned in time. If you should have any other questions, I would certainly be glad to answer them honestly.
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