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My friends, let me pose a question to you.

While some of you may certainly feel guilt, I must ask: why?

After all, you merely acted in the ideal of self-defense. If you yourselves had not acted, in some way, one of the others of those in this town would have acted against you. This event, as well as several others, have revealed a quite objective fact: the residents, here, are simply human. And those who are not human are, themselves, very good at acting like it. Self-preservation, or self-satisfaction, are simple facets of human nature! Shame, or guilt, should not factor into them.

After all, those of you who were rewarded had no idea that a reward might be given. And, in fact, should having a strong survival instinct, or being capable enough to survive, not be rewarded? To think such is to pave the way for a far weaker species.

There was nothing wrong with the behavior of those who participated. I would, in fact, find it commendable, to have done so. My sincerest congratulations, to those who prevailed in this contest!

Of course, there are those who will deride me, as always, I'm sure. I await whatever you have to say. Who knows? Perhaps there is one of you here who might make me change my mind!
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