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[If he had been anyone else, the Major would've been considered lucky when he first arrived in Mayfield, considering he ended up in a home filled with other captives. And then that luck would have changed as, one by one, each of them was droned. For a lot of people, that would've been hard. For the Major, he didn't really regard the people or the drones too differently, or care.

Still, aside from his job it had been quite awhile since he had gone out. Perhaps today would be a nice day to. So after getting dressed in his best clothes, he'll go out to the town for a bit.]

Option A. So A Nazi Walks In to A Flower Shop....

[Hey, anyone in the flower shop, either shopping or working there? Bet you didn't expect this kind of sight, huh? But yep, fuckin' cyborg Nazi, just happily walking in to the shop. He'll at least take the cap of his uniform off and tuck it under his arm as he enters.]

Excuse me, but do you sell any kind of produce seeds here? I'd prefer tomatoes, but I suppose any would suffice.

Option B. In The Park

[Well, there's a fat, psychotic asshole enjoying his lunch on a bench in the park. He seems to be watching the people coming and going, and doesn't seem to care between whether they're drones or actual people or not. Occasionally, he takes a small notebook out of one of his pockets to jot something down.

A small cat seems to have wandered over to him as well, and curled up beside him on the bench. The Major in general doesn't seem to give a shit about it or really notice it, but on occasion he'll reach down to scratch the top of its head.]

Option C. Phone

Good day, my friends. Did you enjoy your revelry last weekend at your dance? I'm certainly hoping you're rested after the wonderful battle we all had not so long ago.

But the time has come to discuss more important things. Specifically, let us talk about the revelation at the Dairy, yes? To be fair, I quite believe it. All things considered, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that you could power a town on souls. Not only that, but it makes sense. Something has to happen to the consciousnesses of those departed, and it would make sense that our captors had an idea as to what to do with them. After all, there's no sense in wasting a part of the animal, no?

In fact, I'd think it a rather economical and practical solution, worthy of applause. Tell me, how do you feel about it? If you think about it, it's hardly as horrible as most of you want it to seem.
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[With all the new arrivals coming in recently, The Major supposed it would, perhaps, be appropriate to say something. Maybe to gauge the new arrivals. Specifically, on a subject he holds near and dear to his heart.

So, picking up the phone, he'll speak only a single word, and wait for response.]

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[Well, someone sounds pleased despite having gotten killed a day or two ago.]


Did you have fun, my friends? Tearing in to one another, with blade, and gun, and bare hand if need be? To strike out at each other? How long had so many of you been waiting for this chance? But you savored it to the fullest, didn't you? The exhilaration of battle, of striking down your enemy, balanced with the sheer fear of being cut down yourself. Nothing quite takes you to the very height of your own being when you see man after man fall around you, hoping that you yourself may not join them. And there is no thrill like feeling the warm blood of your foe splatter against your face due to their foolishness of letting you get too close.

It was quite fun.


[For those of you who might, for any reason, head to the butcher shop today? Feel free to notice that the Major is there, happily doing his current job as if nothing at all had happened. It's like he hadn't betrayed all of you to play his little violent game at all.]
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My. You cannot imagine my feelings right now, to hear so many of you impassioned and angered by the betrayal you feel at your fellow man! My heart leaps with joy, as I finally see that so many of you are willing to fight for something, to go to war, personally, against that which you consider an atrocity.

But let me ask. Tell me-why is it wrong that I have sided with the town, and right that you have not?

Feel free to answer here. Even better, feel free to come and answer me in person. You may find me on the eastbound side of the highway.

I await your answers, my friends.

[OOC: The Major will be answering over the phone to anyone who responds. And like he said, you can also find him here on the highway.]
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I am curious if any of you might have stopped at the old diner on the highway. If you did, I'm curious who else was treated to their apple pie?

And if you haven't, I would suggest you go and try some. It is remarkable.

Ah, on an unrelated note...marksmanship is something I've been meaning to improve upon my part, and I was wondering if anyone might know where I can purchase a firearm?


[Well, The Major is going to be out and about today. There are a few place you can find him.]

A. At The Library

[All things considered, The Major hadn't particularly held any hope of finding anything of worth in the library, but with so few avenues of information, he supposed attempting any angle would be desirable. So he's going through the books, hoping to find something that might look like a map of what the "area" around here is supposed to be, or something about the history of the place.

Of course, with books like "The Joys of Shaving", he isn't holding much hope of finding anything worthwhile.]

B. At the Park

[The Major seems to have grabbed a burger from the burger joint and proceeded to take it to the park for a meal. He seems to merely be enjoying his meal, watching the people and drones in the park come an go. Simply observing.]

C. At the Dairy
[Later in the day, The Major will drive around downtown for a little while before parking his car in what he hopes is an inconspicuous spot before walking the rest of the way to the Dairy. While he soon can tell there's no apparent way to get in or out of the Dairy, that doesn't stop him from snooping about, trying to find some way in.

If he can, he'll try and bash one of the windows open, since it seems unlikely the door will give. Otherwise, he'll leave after an hour of two of searching if the search is fruitless.

Feel free to bother him while he goes about this, if you want.]
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[Well, today begins the first day of the Major's new job as a butcher. Having been a career military man, having a job outside of leading his troops into battle. Still. Being one type of butcher should, hopefully, easily carry over to the other.

There are a few ways to interact with him today.]

Option A. Meet Your New Butcher

[Your new butcher today is ready, and happy to serve. In the clothing provided to him by the town and the butcher's smock he has over it, he looks fairly normal, almost even friendly. He seems to hum to himself as he straightens some of the already cut meat out, or cleans the utensils, or simply goes around to see if everything is alright for the other customers. Quite a hard worker, and not really anything out of the ordinary. Well. Discounting his hellish, yellow eyes that is.

And yet, he seems happy to help anyone. Ask for assistance from the man yes/no?]

Option B. Well Look At That

[Hey fellow butchers, feel free to notice how well your new co-worker is taking to his job. He seems friendly, and eager, and rather skilled at what he's doing. And in to it, to be quite honest. Considering how carefully he's working on cutting and preparing that slab of meat, it seems like it would take a lot to get his attention.

Well, until his knife slips at one point and he gashes his hand, blood starting to flow freely from it. He gets up, clenching his had tightly to try and stop the blood flow so he can get it away from the meat and go clean it.

And then stops. And just stares, transfixed at the blood, as if it's surprising him to see it there. And he just stands there, smiling for a moment. You, uh, may want to remind him he's bleeding, because it's almost like that isn't registering.]

Option C. Phone

I have only been here a month, and this last event I can only assume to have been my introduction to the way this town treats us. That being said, let me ask this.

Do you people always react as poorly to such a simple ploy? If something as simple as this was enough to throw you all into an uproar, it's hardly surprising you've yet to manage to find a way out. You'd think that those of you who've been here longer would be used to such trickery and able to examine it with a steadier mind, but I suppose not.

And if that's the case, you people have already lost the war.
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[The Major had supposed that, after everything he had heard about the town, the intelligent thing would have been to ignore the package he had received entirely. However, doing so wouldn't really get him anywhere in understanding how the town acted. And, truth be told, he wasn't used to the idea of being passive. And so open the box he did.

He was unsure what to do with what it had brought him. Of the memories of England, which he so often considered so foul, had something to sweeten them. And that it was a sweetness he was so unused to, and one that he had never though he would have any use for. But it was there. And he welcomed having it returned, for the time.

Until he remembered it how it had gone bitter. And perhaps that was why he had put it away in the first place, though to do so was so unlike him. But he had his reasons. And he knew she was her. So it was time to re-examine old wounds.]

Phone, Completely Unfiltered and Public

And so we find ourselves on a day much like that one years ago, do we not? Perhaps not so much by our own desires this time, but none the less it does lend itself well to memory, does it not? And surely, you too remember, at least now even if you had been hiding it away. Though you always were the one who wanted to hide. I have never had a problem in being open with who I am or what I do. That has always been one of your shortcomings. Though, I suppose everyone must have some weakness.

How is Charlie, Molly?
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Action; Locked to 1667 Nelson Street )

[The voice coming over the phone is smothered in a thick German accent, although it isn't unpleasant. The man sounds cheery as he speaks, and there's the occasional soft twang of the phone cord as the man wraps it around his finger.]

If there is a Hell, I should suppose this is always what I had expected it should look like. No time, or place, so highlighted the idea of pointless mediocrity and a failed mirage of perfection as 50s era America.

I wonder, what sins might my fellow damned have possibly committed that they should be so punished as to be left here?


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