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[In most cases, the Major would have kept the information he had received from Evan Olney upon his death. But the fact of the matter was that the Major was also a notorious gloater, and to be able to wave the information he received in the faces of others was simply too tempting to resist.

But then again....he hardly intended to just give much of the information out. They'd have to work at it and play with him first, before it got that far.

And so, his cheerful, cruel voice will be broadcasting over the phones yet again.]

Good day, my friends! My, it has certainly been most exciting this past month, hasn't it? Especially now, with two of our long time captors deceased!

For those of you who do not yet know, Evan Olney, or Officer Grady, is dead.

And, a most interesting thing occurred. Our dear Officer looked quite different when I found him dead, then when I found him alive. In fact, this was the same case for Samantha Achewood, or Jane Smith, as well, although the differences in here were not quite as pronounced. Now, isn't that interesting?

It's almost as if droning doesn't just change behavior, but physical appearance as well.

Now don't you just find that fascinating? Imagine the implications. [A small, delighted chuckle here.] Why, if there is a brand of droning that doesn't reconfigure the personality, but the physical appearance of a person as well.....well, who's to say who's who! Not only are memories and histories fabricated, but the very shape of a person as well! And my, who is to say, friends, that this might not even just happen to be the case for you and I?

Isn't. That. Just. Lovely?


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