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[The call comes early in the morning, around 6:30-7 am when everyone would be having breakfast and getting ready for work and school. Or, uh, should be. Despite how early it is, the Major still sounds as jovial and chipper as always.]

Hello! Good morning! My, quite an exciting last week we had, wasn't it? Certainly, certainly, it reminded me quite a bit of home.

Ah, but that isn't why I'm calling this fine morning! As a public servant, it is my duty to often give messages to the public that might be of interest, and you might expect me to be doing this duty now and then in the next coming months.

But, today, I have a simple message. An educational one, in fact, presented in a way I think might be pleasing to young and old alike.

I call this story "The Fox and the Wolf".

Cut here for story aw yeah )

Tell me, tell me! What lesson do you think we could learn from this story?

[Action: Police Station]

[Hey, you know the new officer? The one a lot of you might know as a complete psycho who wants to spread war?

At the moment he's just happily doing paper work, filing and marking out reports. Bother him?]


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