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[Well, today begins the first day of the Major's new job as a butcher. Having been a career military man, having a job outside of leading his troops into battle. Still. Being one type of butcher should, hopefully, easily carry over to the other.

There are a few ways to interact with him today.]

Option A. Meet Your New Butcher

[Your new butcher today is ready, and happy to serve. In the clothing provided to him by the town and the butcher's smock he has over it, he looks fairly normal, almost even friendly. He seems to hum to himself as he straightens some of the already cut meat out, or cleans the utensils, or simply goes around to see if everything is alright for the other customers. Quite a hard worker, and not really anything out of the ordinary. Well. Discounting his hellish, yellow eyes that is.

And yet, he seems happy to help anyone. Ask for assistance from the man yes/no?]

Option B. Well Look At That

[Hey fellow butchers, feel free to notice how well your new co-worker is taking to his job. He seems friendly, and eager, and rather skilled at what he's doing. And in to it, to be quite honest. Considering how carefully he's working on cutting and preparing that slab of meat, it seems like it would take a lot to get his attention.

Well, until his knife slips at one point and he gashes his hand, blood starting to flow freely from it. He gets up, clenching his had tightly to try and stop the blood flow so he can get it away from the meat and go clean it.

And then stops. And just stares, transfixed at the blood, as if it's surprising him to see it there. And he just stands there, smiling for a moment. You, uh, may want to remind him he's bleeding, because it's almost like that isn't registering.]

Option C. Phone

I have only been here a month, and this last event I can only assume to have been my introduction to the way this town treats us. That being said, let me ask this.

Do you people always react as poorly to such a simple ploy? If something as simple as this was enough to throw you all into an uproar, it's hardly surprising you've yet to manage to find a way out. You'd think that those of you who've been here longer would be used to such trickery and able to examine it with a steadier mind, but I suppose not.

And if that's the case, you people have already lost the war.


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