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Well, it seems that once again, the town or another one of our esteemed neighbors has chosen to make things interesting, eh? My, I wonder how many here have experience fighting the living dead? For starters, the idea of going for the brain or the head is true! Fire, as well, could be quite useful.

But of course, I'm sure some of you might have a bit of trouble even then! And as an officer, it is my job to assist those who need it, is it not?

Tell me, does anyone need a police escort to a safe place?

[Filtered to Schrodinger]
Tell me, Schro.

How would you be interested in seeing the inside of a police car?


[To say the current going-ons amused the Major would be an understatement. Not only that, but the speed of his current vehicle made it possible to move around the town and get a view of action elsewhere rather quickly.

So feel free to find the Major either

A) Sitting behind the wheel of his car, possibly just watching you as you struggle to survive or
B) tear assing in his cruiser, mowing down some of the zombies both for the hell of it and because it's simply the quickest route. Perhaps this behavior might even accidentally save you from being a zombie snack at some point. What a great hero.]


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