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My, it is certainly amazing what can come out when a little force is applied to people to make them speak the truth. My heart leaps with joy to see all of you finally practice a bit of honesty instead of the usual delusions you seem to practice and force yourselves to act out in the pathetic, dull lives you've somehow managed to even have here. Perhaps many of you had no desire to reveal what you said, but there is a certain security, a certain comfort that comes from revealing what you are to the world, yes? It was something I discovered long ago, and is why I practice to be a man of complete honesty where myself is concerned. I hardly see as to why so many of you are bothered by it.

And, before I forget, my most sincere congratulations to the young lady who managed to kill me a week or so ago! It was certainly an entertaining battle, one I hadn't had since this March. Your actual form and ability left a bit to be desired, but I suppose you're young and will improve as you mature. Although our current squabble might be done, I hope, certainly, that we will have reason to cross swords once again.


[You can find the Major wandering around today. He mainly seems to be looking around the park and, well, through gardens, as well as going to the florist. He seems to be examining each plant carefully, as if he's looking for something.]


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