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[The Major had supposed that, after everything he had heard about the town, the intelligent thing would have been to ignore the package he had received entirely. However, doing so wouldn't really get him anywhere in understanding how the town acted. And, truth be told, he wasn't used to the idea of being passive. And so open the box he did.

He was unsure what to do with what it had brought him. Of the memories of England, which he so often considered so foul, had something to sweeten them. And that it was a sweetness he was so unused to, and one that he had never though he would have any use for. But it was there. And he welcomed having it returned, for the time.

Until he remembered it how it had gone bitter. And perhaps that was why he had put it away in the first place, though to do so was so unlike him. But he had his reasons. And he knew she was her. So it was time to re-examine old wounds.]

Phone, Completely Unfiltered and Public

And so we find ourselves on a day much like that one years ago, do we not? Perhaps not so much by our own desires this time, but none the less it does lend itself well to memory, does it not? And surely, you too remember, at least now even if you had been hiding it away. Though you always were the one who wanted to hide. I have never had a problem in being open with who I am or what I do. That has always been one of your shortcomings. Though, I suppose everyone must have some weakness.

How is Charlie, Molly?


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