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[If he had been anyone else, the Major would've been considered lucky when he first arrived in Mayfield, considering he ended up in a home filled with other captives. And then that luck would have changed as, one by one, each of them was droned. For a lot of people, that would've been hard. For the Major, he didn't really regard the people or the drones too differently, or care.

Still, aside from his job it had been quite awhile since he had gone out. Perhaps today would be a nice day to. So after getting dressed in his best clothes, he'll go out to the town for a bit.]

Option A. So A Nazi Walks In to A Flower Shop....

[Hey, anyone in the flower shop, either shopping or working there? Bet you didn't expect this kind of sight, huh? But yep, fuckin' cyborg Nazi, just happily walking in to the shop. He'll at least take the cap of his uniform off and tuck it under his arm as he enters.]

Excuse me, but do you sell any kind of produce seeds here? I'd prefer tomatoes, but I suppose any would suffice.

Option B. In The Park

[Well, there's a fat, psychotic asshole enjoying his lunch on a bench in the park. He seems to be watching the people coming and going, and doesn't seem to care between whether they're drones or actual people or not. Occasionally, he takes a small notebook out of one of his pockets to jot something down.

A small cat seems to have wandered over to him as well, and curled up beside him on the bench. The Major in general doesn't seem to give a shit about it or really notice it, but on occasion he'll reach down to scratch the top of its head.]

Option C. Phone

Good day, my friends. Did you enjoy your revelry last weekend at your dance? I'm certainly hoping you're rested after the wonderful battle we all had not so long ago.

But the time has come to discuss more important things. Specifically, let us talk about the revelation at the Dairy, yes? To be fair, I quite believe it. All things considered, it isn't out of the realm of possibility that you could power a town on souls. Not only that, but it makes sense. Something has to happen to the consciousnesses of those departed, and it would make sense that our captors had an idea as to what to do with them. After all, there's no sense in wasting a part of the animal, no?

In fact, I'd think it a rather economical and practical solution, worthy of applause. Tell me, how do you feel about it? If you think about it, it's hardly as horrible as most of you want it to seem.


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