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[Well, someone sounds pleased despite having gotten killed a day or two ago.]


Did you have fun, my friends? Tearing in to one another, with blade, and gun, and bare hand if need be? To strike out at each other? How long had so many of you been waiting for this chance? But you savored it to the fullest, didn't you? The exhilaration of battle, of striking down your enemy, balanced with the sheer fear of being cut down yourself. Nothing quite takes you to the very height of your own being when you see man after man fall around you, hoping that you yourself may not join them. And there is no thrill like feeling the warm blood of your foe splatter against your face due to their foolishness of letting you get too close.

It was quite fun.


[For those of you who might, for any reason, head to the butcher shop today? Feel free to notice that the Major is there, happily doing his current job as if nothing at all had happened. It's like he hadn't betrayed all of you to play his little violent game at all.]
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My. You cannot imagine my feelings right now, to hear so many of you impassioned and angered by the betrayal you feel at your fellow man! My heart leaps with joy, as I finally see that so many of you are willing to fight for something, to go to war, personally, against that which you consider an atrocity.

But let me ask. Tell me-why is it wrong that I have sided with the town, and right that you have not?

Feel free to answer here. Even better, feel free to come and answer me in person. You may find me on the eastbound side of the highway.

I await your answers, my friends.

[OOC: The Major will be answering over the phone to anyone who responds. And like he said, you can also find him here on the highway.]


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