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A. Around Town

[The Major will be dressed in his police uniform, going about his routine beat during the day. He nods and says hello to people as he passes in his usual pleasant manner.]

Good day! Good day!

I hope you're enjoying yourself today. It would be unfortunate if there should be a wasted day, just as you were a waste of what your mother's womb could've produced.

[Well, alright. Maybe a little more cutting today then usual.]

B. The Park, around 7 PM

[It may not look like it, but the park at this point? Has become a battlefield. While it's usually quiet, there is the occasional shot that rings through the air. After one of them, the Major, who was hiding behind a bench, holding his own gun up at ready, peers up from over it.]

Oh my my, my friend! We both know that even you can do better than that! Would it help perhaps if I were to move a bit closer? Say, within arms reach?

[And another, smiling Major emerges from behind one of the trees, gun at his side.]

Ah, that is the difference between you and I, you see! You prefer to have your hand held. I prefer a challenge.

[And then? They both just laugh. In unison.

And then the one behind the tree reveals the molotov cocktail he had behind the tree with him and throws it towards his doppelganger, the bottle shattering and setting the bench and surrounding grass aflame, the coattails of the Major who had been behind the bench catching ablaze. That Major rolls out of the way, putting the fire out while trying to aim a shot at his copy.

They're both laughing louder now.

Have fun even trying to guess which is which.]


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