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I am curious if any of you might have stopped at the old diner on the highway. If you did, I'm curious who else was treated to their apple pie?

And if you haven't, I would suggest you go and try some. It is remarkable.

Ah, on an unrelated note...marksmanship is something I've been meaning to improve upon my part, and I was wondering if anyone might know where I can purchase a firearm?


[Well, The Major is going to be out and about today. There are a few place you can find him.]

A. At The Library

[All things considered, The Major hadn't particularly held any hope of finding anything of worth in the library, but with so few avenues of information, he supposed attempting any angle would be desirable. So he's going through the books, hoping to find something that might look like a map of what the "area" around here is supposed to be, or something about the history of the place.

Of course, with books like "The Joys of Shaving", he isn't holding much hope of finding anything worthwhile.]

B. At the Park

[The Major seems to have grabbed a burger from the burger joint and proceeded to take it to the park for a meal. He seems to merely be enjoying his meal, watching the people and drones in the park come an go. Simply observing.]

C. At the Dairy
[Later in the day, The Major will drive around downtown for a little while before parking his car in what he hopes is an inconspicuous spot before walking the rest of the way to the Dairy. While he soon can tell there's no apparent way to get in or out of the Dairy, that doesn't stop him from snooping about, trying to find some way in.

If he can, he'll try and bash one of the windows open, since it seems unlikely the door will give. Otherwise, he'll leave after an hour of two of searching if the search is fruitless.

Feel free to bother him while he goes about this, if you want.]


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