sturmbahnfuhrer: (Did I mention I'm Evil)
The Major ([personal profile] sturmbahnfuhrer) wrote2011-08-08 01:23 am

Fifteenth Krieg - Action, The Park

[My, it's quite a nice day, isn't it? A bright, wonderful summer day.

Usually, you wouldn't think much of the short, German man who appears to be enjoying a soda and burger from the local shop and feeding the birds in the park with a package of bread he has with him. The normalcy is ruined by two things. The first is the fact that the man is dressed in full Nazi regalia, minus the jacket and cap. The second is that he appears to be watching the corpse of a teenage girl.]

[It becomes fairly obvious what happened to the man's jacket, as it's draped around the girl's shoulders, covering her otherwise naked frame. The cap, meanwhile, is also perched on her head, tilted down towards the left side of her face to cover the gaping wound that had been her left eye, now missing.

The girl's body is tied to the tree with a few lengths of rope around her waste, propping her body up. Above her a small sign, written in German, has been placed. If anyone can read it, it reads "Death is kindness to the weak".

The Major tears off a piece of bread, and throws it to the birds. Again and again. And each time, he moves the toss and food closer to the newly dead corpse.]

[And each time the Major sees someone pass by?

He merely waves.]

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